A Practiced Underwriting Sales Presentation Will Win Over More Prospects

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What do professional athletes, actors, and musicians have in common? They practice. Again and again. Their performances and their livelihood depend on it.

How often do you practice your sales presentations? If you’ve come away from having given a sales presentation to a prospective underwriter and she had questions you couldn‘t answer, you probably realized you weren’t fully prepared. It’s not just practicing to get it right but to also knowing how to respond to any question or scenario. You need to prepare to expect the unexpected.  

Start by writing down all of the sales objections you’ve encountered in the past and how you replied. Now, ask your co-workers in your underwriting sales department for the sales objections they’ve encountered and what they’ve said in response.

It’s possible that when making a presentation you could be asked a question, or hear an objection you can’t answer. Probe a bit and ask for further explanation from your prospect. That may help you understand and address the objection. If you’re still unable to answer the question, simply tell your prospect that you’ll look into it then circle back with your prospect.

Role-playing can help. I know it makes some salespeople uncomfortable, but making the time to practice your presentation and getting comfortable fielding questions from a prospect will help you feel most comfortable when it counts: during your presentation.

If you’re a one-person sales department, enlist the help of a friend that works in media sales for another company, or reach out to others in your station for their input.

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