A Simple Formula for Writing Underwriting Copy

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Every underwriting spot contains three primary pieces of information, the same three pieces of information you’ll find in commercial advertising messages:

  • The name of the underwriter
  • The underwriter’s business, products and/or services
  • Where or how you can reach the underwriter or get more information (location, phone and/or web address)

As an example, one of the most to-the-point commercial advertisements I’ve seen was on a billboard on the Interstate.


At the top of the billboard is the logo for Wendy’s, the fast food chain. Then you see the exit number and street name in huge font.

The billboard identifies the advertiser and tells you where to find the restaurant. You can’t get more succinct than that. It’s short and easy-to-read. It’s uncluttered so it stands out. No unnecessary extra wording or visuals. The message is clear, and clearly effective.

Just like the best underwriting credits.

So when you’re creating an underwriting credit, focus on including just the right amount of information: Identify the underwriter, its business, product(s) and/or service(s), and where or how the underwriter can be reached.
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