Andrew Leitch

As Vice President, Operations, Andrew Leitch brings together Greater Public’s engagement, membership, and data strategies to strengthen the value and impact of our services. Since 2016, Andrew has served on the Board of the Public Media Business Association (PMBA). He has a Bachelor’s in Music Business from the University of Miami and a Master’s in Arts Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. In his free time, Andrew serves on the board of a dance company and enjoys playing piano and, of course, listening to public radio.

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Three Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Growth

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Professional development is something we know is important, but very few managers and leaders give it the time, resources, and prioritization that it needs. Of course, you can also choose what value to place on your own career development. If you’re looking to regain your momentum and start growing faster, here are a few traps to avoid: 

1. Stop Thinking You Don’t Have Time to Learn.

You’re busy, I get it. But why is it that some busy people can make time to grow in their jobs and others can’t? Your manager’s attitude and company culture play a role, sure, but I think an even bigger contributor is the belief that professional development is somehow an “extra” that needs to happen when your other work is done

Take this very concrete example: A public radio membership director spends two hours per week doing a complicated multi-step process to prepare data from a payments system to import it into a CRM. She knows that if she were to design a template to do this, she could probably reduce that time to 15 minutes. She also knows that if she knew how to build this template, she could build others that would save her time on other tasks. And, she could teach this skill to other people in her department so they could be more efficient. “One day, when I have time,” she says. 

The bottom line is that you will never not be busy. The only way to “make time” to learn and grow is to stop thinking of it as something you do separately from your day-to-day work.

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Should I Shorten My On-Air Member Drive?

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Many of us have discussed the anecdotal reasons for or against shortening our member drives: “So-and-so station tried it and it worked great for them.” “This is how we’ve always secured the majority of our revenue. Why would we mess it up?” Of course, as a fundraiser, it’s your job to go beyond instinct and evaluate this strategy based on a calculated potential for revenue.

At Greater Public, we’ve created a tool that calculates what shortening a drive would mean for your station, based on three key numbers from your Greater Public Benchmarks Trend Report.


Once you’ve assessed this option for your station, keep in mind three “principles to live by” when it comes to shorter on-air drives:

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