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Big city born, small town bred, suburban living, nowhere near retirement, still-Southern, soulful sistah who’s serious about Scrabble and her morning walks -- Michelle Petties began a career in advertising at J. Walter Thompson in Dallas in 1981 and recently concluded a ten-year-plus public media career, serving for the last four years as a Senior Account Executive at Maryland Public Television. A former public relations vice-president and broadcast sales manager, Michelle has worked for some of the most recognizable names in media, including Disney/ABC and Radio One, negotiating client campaigns for household brands like McDonald's, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola. “Now, Michelle Petties is an author, speaker, Food Story Finder, experiential eating expert, and recovering food addict. Her first book, "Leaving Large – A Food Addict’s Memoir: How I Won a 40-Year Battle Over Obesity," features the award-winning story, "The Cake is in the Mail." After gaining and losing over 700 pounds, Michelle finally discovered that the “secret” to finding freedom from fat is in the “story.” The personal and powerful stories in her memoir chronicle a lifetime of eating for all the wrong reasons and illustrate how events, experiences and memories inform our beliefs, attitudes, and habits around food, eating and hunger, revealing that the answers to why we eat, what we eat rest in our Food Stories.” Michelle attended Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, as its first early admissions student in 1975 and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Marshall, Texas, she has lived in Dallas, Atlanta and Washington, DC. When not writing, coaching or speaking, Michelle can be found on the tennis courts, shopping for new wigs or searching consignment boutiques for deals. Interested in finding, facing, rewriting and replacing your Food Stories? Connecting with Michelle? Or booking her for an event? You can read a few of her Food Stories and more about her journey here: https://vocal.media/motivation/i-am-brand-new-now
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Bathroom Scales and Underwriting Sales: The Not-So-Likely Connection

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During my lifetime, I have gained and lost over 700 pounds. I used to be morbidly obese, once tipping the scale at 260 plus pounds. No big surprise. According to the CDC, four out of five African American women are either overweight or obese. For more than four decades, I was a card-carrying member of that out-of-control sorority. And for more than a decade, I worked in public media—serving seven years as Director of Corporate Underwriting for Public Radio WEAA in Baltimore and four years as a Senior Account Executive at Maryland Public Television. A few years ago, I lost 60 pounds, kept it off, and launched a BRAND-NEW chapter in my life. Now I show overweight, overworked, overstressed, perimenopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal women—like I used to be—and anyone else who is over it how to quiet the battle between mind, body, and food. What the heck does this have to do with underwriting sales? Keep reading. 

BRAND-NEW thoughts about food or anything, even underwriting sales, lead to BRAND-NEW behaviors— and outcomes. Here, I unpack the eight-step strategy I used to achieve and teach weight loss mastery. My program mirrors the actual letters in BRAND-NEW. Upon reflection, I recognized these as the same steps I followed throughout my 40-year career in sales—a career that has generated more than $75,000,000 in revenue. 

B: Begin and Believe

Converting a $5,000 sponsor into a $50,000 partner (hint: $50,000 doesn’t have to come from one client) begins with imagining all that could be involved in getting there. If you want a BRAND-NEW and improved relationship with a client, you must first believe a better relationship is even possible. This is where you begin to write a BRAND-NEW story positioning yourself to provide maximum value to your clients. When you “begin with the end in mind,” you immediately start to think differently, ask different questions, and believe in BRAND-NEW outcomes.

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