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Recent estimates indicate that 60-80% of NPR One app users are not currently local station members. Many stations also have access to email leads generated from the users of their own station apps. Here are some proven techniques for engaging with these email leads to inspire app users to become station members.

Welcome users of your station app with an email reminding them of the many online services you offer, e.g., streaming, schedules, events, etc.

Even better, create a three-email “welcome series” that can be automated for new leads. The series should be service-oriented but contain a donate/join button. The last of the three messages should specifically ask for membership. (Don’t forget to add a challenge or match if you have one.)

If you don’t create a welcome series, at least test a mini-series of fundraising messages during pledge drives.

If you do not already, send a welcome message to NPR One leads you’ve downloaded. Identify the users who are not station members. If you send only one welcome message, it need not contain a pitch for membership, but should have a donate/join button.

Test a mini-campaign of three or four emails around calendar year-end, or around a specific theme. Given the NPR One content, focus on journalism and news coverage. If you provide considerable local news to NPR One in your area, an appeal around local stories is a good test.

Prominently feature a join/donate button in the most heavily-visited elements of your station app.

Test providing exclusive membership offers to your app users. (Remember to keep it simple!)
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