Four Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

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The average churn rate (people who unsubscribe plus email addresses that hard-bounce over a 12-month period) for email lists in public media is currently 14% (MailChimp). For your station to be effective at email marketing and fundraising, you must make a concerted effort to grow your email list year-round. Below are three of the easiest, most effective ways to do that.

1. Prominently feature an email opt-in on your website.

Email marketing services provide email opt-forms that can be copied, pasted, and embedded inside your station’s website. At the most, require an email address and first name to subscribe and position the email opt-in prominently on your website, not just on the homepage but on every page of your website. To clarify, the email opt-in should be located above the fold on your homepage and embedded in the top of the right/left column of your news stories and/or blog pages.

2. Create an email opt-in landing page and share it on social media.

In addition to having an embedded email opt-in form on your website, your station should also create a separate, stand-alone web page with an embedded email opt-in form that you can share directly on social media. At the top of the page, provide a call-to-subscribe and list how often subscribers can expect to receive emails from your station (weekly news updates and event announcements, special programming and/or breaking news alerts, etc.)

3. Require an email opt-in to enter giveaways.

To quickly grow your email list, launch a monthly – or even weekly – giveaway program. To begin, create a landing page ( and list your giveaways, such as movie tickets, branded merchandise, or gift cards. Then promote the program on social media, on-air, and feature an ad for the program on your website. You’ll need to publish contest rules on the page as well. See for an example.

4. Download NPR One subscribers from NPR.

The membership leads (email addresses) generated in NPR One are updated monthly and you can easily download them using these instructions.  If you’re a joint licensee, make sure to download addresses addresses via the PBS member portal as well.

View the email marketing mini-guide >>>

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