Bust Your Organization's Internal Silos With an Audience-Centric Approach

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This interactive session  was first presented by Atlantic 57 at PMDMC 2018. You can try three session exercises with your own team to explore how to put these principles into practice.

There's a division in many newsrooms today that has an impact on how well we serve our audiences. 

Most newsroom reporters and editors focus on creating content, while those in digital roles focus on distributing that content or analyzing audience analytics.

The challenge: Newsrooms are struggling to bridge the divide between old and new.

When these groups work as two teams instead of one, newsrooms struggle to bridge the divide between old ways of presenting content and the new ways in which audiences consume content. It's a gap that has a significant impact on the audience experience:

The solution: Unite your teams to serve your audiences.

Put the needs of your audiences at the center of your work. This seems like a no-brainer. And yet, many organizations are falling short of this goal. There are three key barriers that stand in the way. We'll outline what those barriers are, and how to bridge them. 

BARRIER 1: Media organizations try to be everything to everyone, everywhere.

Sound familiar? Audiences are moving across platforms at a rapid pace (think podcasting, social media, smart speakers...) Many organizations are scrambling to keep up with these platform shifts and can lose sight of the larger mission. 

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Use Data to Skillfully Manage Down... and Up

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Every sales manager knows that managing up is as important as managing the reps who report to you.  When the day comes that you are given a budget that you know in your heart is impossible to reach, how do you motivate your team when you don’t believe you can reach the goal? Changing this dynamic was the topic of the 2018 PMDMC 2018 session "Managing Budget Expectations for Your Sales Reps."

Jared Blass from Atlanta Public Broadcasting, Tracy Roe from NET Nebraska, and Tom Smith from KEXP in Seattle shared their advice, offered great worksheets (available in the slides) and emphasized the key role data can play in setting expectations for your sales reps and for your superiors. 

Position your department at budget time.

In fact, telling your department story throughout the year and not just at budget time is important. Make an effort to educate your upper management team on key data such as:

  • Pacing by station/product
  • New business
  • Attrition
  • Renewal

This allows a better understanding of the numbers to set realistic budgeting goals accordingly.

Tom Smith says, “Share your data, all the time, good or bad.  #Sharing is caring!”

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How National Geographic Builds Social Media Trust During the Facebook Apocalypse

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Thanks to “fake news,” bots, and political polarization online, trust in social media is at an all-time low. But social platforms still offer a powerful way to connect with audiences and donors.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans regularly use social media (Pew Research Center, 2018) and 31% of online donors now say that social media is the communication tool that most often inspires them to give, surpassing email for the first time (Global Trends in Giving Report, 2018).

A PMDMC 2018 session entitled “Building Brand Trust and Engagement in the Facebook Apocalypse” explored how one superstar brand, National Geographic, has built and maintained its social media effectiveness in an era of social media mistrust.

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The Best (and Hardest) Realities of Public Radio Sales Right Now

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Life moves pretty fast in the world of public radio sales. But one thing remains constant: public radio still has a strong value proposition! This was the spirit of a discussion at the 2018 PMDMC, titled "The New Realities of Public Radio Sales." Marlene Schneider of Enginuity Workshop facilitated a conversation with Bryan Moffett of National Public Media and Millie Adan-Garza from Houston Public Media (HPM), as well as an audience workshop, to explore what we're facing nationally and locally in public radio sales.

What are marketers' challenges these days? (Hint: many of the same things that challenge us!)

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Marketing Tactics Used by Top Podcasts

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In our industry, it’s often said that anyone can make a podcast… but not everyone should.

So when your organization has invested time and resources into a really good podcast, you want to give it every advantage to succeed from the start.

These tips came from Joni Deutsch, on-demand content and audience engagement producer at WFAE, and Maggie Taylor, director of marketing at PRX and Radiotopia as part of the PMDMC 2018 session “From Launch to Orbit, Working Across Departments to Get Ears on Your Podcast.”

Identify your audience. 

Knowing whom you're talking to is the first, most essential step toward being able to  connect with those people. NPR offers storytelling training tools to help you identify whom you're trying to reach. Knowing your audience will affect which marketing tactics you choose to use. 

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Top Underwriting Category Takeaways: Financial

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In an interesting panel focused the financial category at the 2018 PMDMC, Matt Doubleday from Wintrust Financial Corp was interviewed by his sales rep from WBEZ in Chicago, Adrienne Smith.   

Before we get to the meat of the session, it is worth noting that the account was not easily secured due to budget priorities and limitations of the past. As the bank grew, so did budgets. So when Smith called with a great idea involving a podcast called “Curious City,” which was all about Chicago, Doubleday saw it as a perfect fit, and he was able to commit to sponsoring it, along with traditional on-air underwriting to become a significant sponsor of WBEZ.

Here are the main takeaways from  this category conversation:

  1. Sponsoring WBEZ is a great way for Wintrust to play up the local angle, which is a huge part of how they differentiate themselves from larger national banks. In all their marketing they speak to the importance of being based in Chicago, where decisions are made locally; investing in neighborhoods is a key focus of their corporate social responsibility. WBEZ, as a nonprofit, is a strong addition to those efforts.
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Creative New Ways to Engage Listeners During Your Next Drive

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Informed by recommendations and case studies from Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Media, and Frank Auer of WGBH.

On-air drives remain one of the biggest fundraising opportunities for public media and certainly the biggest driver of new donations to stations. But how can you keep listeners tuned in, engage them more effectively, and get more of them to give? Try experimenting with one of these ideas:

1. Connect with Millennials using relevant language and giving options.

Engaging Millennials is a buzz topic. While there is no single Millennial profile, Jacobs Media Strategies found several relevant takeaways about public radio listeners from this generation as part of their Millennial Project.

Non-commercial radio is a key concept for Millennials. They like that “it’s not trying to sell me anything.” The medium is viewed as trustworthy and credible. Also:

  • A connection to the world that offers lifelong learning.
  • Civil, not sensational.
  • Educational and challenges preconceived notions.
  • “The least partisan way of staying informed about things that matter.”
  • “Intellectual thinking with community-focused programming.”
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Protecting Fundraisers From Sexual Harassment by Donors

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Chronicle of Philanthropy writer Timothy Sandoval offers these concrete suggestions from three experts about what organizations should do to protect fundraisers and others involved in seeking gifts from sexual harassment by donors.

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Powerful Storytelling Secrets From Glynn Washington That Any Fundraiser Can Master

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Glynn Washington calls good storytelling a vicarious experience.

“If you’re doing it right,” he explains in an interview with Nieman Storyboard, “The person who’s listening to the story will feel the same highs and lows that you do… They feel proud when you do the good thing in the end. [They may even feel like] ‘I can do some things that I couldn’t do before.’”

As host and executive producer of Snap Judgment, Washington is a master at transporting listeners along what the show calls an "audio roller coaster." He’ll discuss the power of narrative in fundraising at PMDMC18 as a keynote speaker.

Telling stories is great entertainment. But it's also more than that. Washington comes from a family of “great tellers of tales.” Perhaps most influential was his upbringing as a member of a religious cult in Michigan. The reality-bending fiction that was cultivated by the end-of-days fundamentalist group felt entirely real to him.

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Five Predictions About Digital Advertising (and a Key Recommendation for Public Radio)

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At PMDMC 2017, Corey Elliott from Borrell Associates discussed the changing impact and growth of local digital advertising. He shared the following five predictions based on Borrell Associates survey data:

1. Advertisers will cut "weaker" media to fund digital.

  • 63% are increasing their digital spend.
  • 75% of “increasers” will be negatively impacting their non-digital budgets to do so, with print media taking the biggest hit.
  • These advertisers taught themselves that digital “works.”
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